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Implant and general dentistry

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At Bloomfield Oral Health PC in Bloomfield, NY, we provide a variety of services to meet a number of dental needs.

Dental Implants

The dental implant concept was originally expanded by an orthopedic surgeon named Brenamak about 40 years ago. He realized when he placed a titanium piece into a rabbit's long bone and tried to remove it a few months later, he wasn't able to do it because it had fused with bone.

That’s when the concept of osteointegration started. The concept of dental implants went through many changes in terms of its design over the last few decades.

We recommend a few months of healing after placement and then we can fabricate a prosthesis to fit over that.

General success rates over a five year period for a dental implants is about 95% according to studies. 

Dental implants might not be as permanent and trouble-free treatment option as they initially thought but they are still a more durable option than any other treatment available in dentistry.

Many people shy away from getting dental implants for a few reasons such as cost, but in the end its a viable option to restore a tooth or teeth.

Mini Dental Implants

Mini implants have been around for close to 30 years and were approved for long term use by FDA in 1998. Originally, they were used to stabilize loose dentures but eventually some dentists started using these to replace single or multiple missing teeth as fixed restorations.

Mini implants are far less traumatic than conventional implants to have placed and cost only about half of conventional implants. Most importantly, it takes far less time to finish treatments since you don't have to wait as long (4-6 months) as you have to do with conventional implants after placement until crowns are placed on top.

Oral Surgery

Dr. Hwang had surgery-focused training that allows him to perform most oral surgery procedures in the office. Whether you have impacted wisdom teeth or broken teeth that require oral surgery for extraction, we will ensure that you are comfortable throughout the procedure.

Also, we provide other treatments such as root canal, fillings, dentures( full and partial ), crowns, and bridges.

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