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Implant and general dentistry

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Our implant gallery

We believe in minimally invasive implant treatments.

Case 1

36-year-old female has been missing a molar for years and wanted to have the space restored with an implant. A few options were discussed including conventional and small diameter mini implant and she chose to go with mini implants. Here we used two implants to support a crown. Time taken to finish the treatment was four weeks from the surgery to cementation of crown and there was no pain in that time. After a year and half, the patient is still very happy. She understands the importance of keeping up with regular oral hygiene care to ensure longevity of the implants.

Case 2

52-year-old female has been missing a first molar in lower right side for a few years. She wanted to get an implant treatment. The problem was the existing bone was very thin and she needed an additional procedure called “ridge expansion” and “bone graft” as well as possibly a conventional sized implant. She refused and instead opted for small diameter implants. An option of placing a bridge was also discussed but the patient turned it down as well. Two mini implants were placed non-traumatically and a crown was cemented about four weeks after that. No bone loss has been observed on recall visits and tissue around it is healthy. 

Case 3

59-year-old female who lost a small tooth in lower right side after a root canal treated tooth has gotten infected wanted an implant. However, when the tooth was extracted, some amount of bone around the tooth had to be taken away for removal of it and the remaining bone became very thin. She chose to go with a small diameter implant after turning down an option of additional procedures to bulk up the bone around to place a bigger implant. From the start to finish of the treatment, total time taken was four weeks. The patient since then has gotten another implant with bigger size on the opposite side.

Case 4

This is a patient who presented to the office with a loose upper denture. It has been relined several times to possibly increase retention of it without a satisfying outcome. The patient's bone ridge has atrophied quite a bit and the denture wasn't getting any suction to stay on. Several options were discussed and the patient chose to go with a few small diameter implants to stabilize the upper denture. The surgery was uneventful and the patient tolerated it well. The patient will come back in a few weeks to turn the current upper denture into a snap denture with a tight fit.

Case 5

This gentleman came in for an implant placement on a lower left molar area. Options were discussed along with different types of implants and the patient wanted to have a regular conventional sized implant placed on the spot. An implant with a considerably larger diameter compared to a mini implant was placed and in a month, a crown was placed on top of it. The patient was happy that the entire procedure went well without complications.

Case 6

This is the final x-ray of the implant after a crown was cemented. The patient is very happy since he can chew freely. 

Case 7

This patient came in with a loose lower denture which is something almost every denture wearers complain about. After careful evaluation, it was decided to use 'locator attachment' for a few implants since they have lower profiles compared to other implants for retaining dentures. Low profiles will be given to this patient who grinds their teeth at night a better chance of long term treatment success. The lower denture was retrofitted on the surgery appointment and now it is tight. The patient is very happy.

Case 8

60-year-old male came to the office wanting for a replacement for a front tooth. It was badly decayed and needed to be extracted. Options were discussed and the patient chose to go with a small diameter implant option. The tooth was extracted and five months passed by. After healing took place, a small diameter implant was placed and three weeks later, a crown was placed on top of the implant. The patient was very happy with the look, feel of the new tooth, and especially not having much pain during the entire treatment.

Case 9

A front tooth got infected after a root canal treatment long time ago. It was decided to be extracted after discussion with the patient. The patient chose to go with a conventional two piece implant which was completed after extraction, healing, and placement. It looks very natural that not many can tell which one is the implanted one.

Case 10

Here we used a conventional sized implant but very short one to avoid sinus lift surgery as we believe in minimal amount of surgery.

Case 11

A rather tight space prevented a conventional implant to be placed. After discussion, the patient decided to go with a mini implant. The treatment was carried out without any complication. The patient is very happy after 4 years since it was done.

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