Implant and general dentistry

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Options for those with NO teeth

1. Implant overdenture

Implant overdenture is a denture supported by a few implants ( generally 2 to 6 depending on a situation and type of implants placed ).

It is a more economical solution to combat lack of retention coming from a denture ( Especially a lower one ) and a patient can take it

out to clean underneath whenever he/she wants. Otherwise, the denture usually stays put and a patient can enjoy food as if he/she had his own. It is NOT as solid as a fixed bridge over implants.

2. Fixed bridge over implants

This is a long bridge that covers entire arch ( either upper or lower ) that replaces ALL THE TEETH and it gets cemented or screwed on a number of implants. Generally, it requires more implants, hence more expensive than the implant overdenture option. It does not come out most of the time and a patient can treat them as if the bridge is his own teeth. Downside is, sometimes a patient has a hard time keeping underneath of a bridge clean when food particles get trapped which could lead to infection of gum tissue surrounding implants.